Principal's Corner
Dr. Jay Jones

Dr. Jay K. Jones

At Houston County High School, the mission is to expect excellence in academics, athletics, the arts, and service. I am honored to serve as Principal of Houston County High to guide our students to excellence in these areas of education and life. Houston County High is an academic institution that continually excels in producing students of high academic achievement and recognition. Athletically, the Bears have built a strong foundation of success that is reaching new heights and garnering increasing recognition through each season. The arts at Houston County High are second-to-none and consistently receive statewide recognition for the highest levels of performance and production. Service to the school and community at the highest levels is the expectation for all students, staff, and others associated with Houston County High.

As Principal of this great school, in this great community, I strive to instill the expectation of excellence in each of these areas in our students, faculty, and staff daily. Supporting our students’ academic endeavors and achievements, athletic spirit and competitions, performance and production in the arts, and selfless acts of service to our school and community is my top priority. Houston County High School’s success is not a result of hoping that we can be excellent in our mission; our success results in excellence in these areas being the unwavering expectation for our students and staff! We foster a foundation for life-long learning and personal excellence, and when things get tough…we Bear Down!