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Study Help
PhET Simulations

Created by the University of Colorado Boulder, PhET is a website for useful simulations you can run through Java or off the website. These are helpful because they provide a visual representation of concepts that might be too big, like global warming, or too small, like building molecules, to try in the classroom. Most simulations are completely interactive having the ability to change the conditions to see the results differently.

Crash Course Chemistry

The Green brothers do a great job of explaining concepts in a different way. They use colorful graphics, humor, both current and historical information. They also make connections between concepts that will help tie ideas together. We will be using the Chemistry and Physics videos in class but they also do videos on Biology, World History, Psychology, Literature, and many more.


This is a plain text website that has a lot of sample problems. I will be using this website to find homework problems and examples for class. It is a really good resource to practice what you learn in class.

Element Flashcards Print

This website has printable flashcards for the periodic table of elements.

Quizlet Element Flashcards

Interactive website with element flashcards

PhET Simulations Gas Laws

Simulation we used in class about gas laws.

PhET Simulations Isotopes

Simulation showing Isotopes and their abundance in nature.

Element Song

Fun song listing all the elements.

PhET Simulations Chemical Reactions

Visual representation of chemical reactions from PhET

Khan Academy Balancing Equations

Videos to help balancing equations