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World History Test on Tuesday August 29th  

Review your notes, textbook material and see the folllowing  study guide to help you prepare for this test.


China (Yellow River writing was Calligraphy)

The first known empire was ____________ they read _______________ _______________ to make predictions.

Qin Empire- who was this “First emperor” and what did he accomplish in the short 15 years of his rule…

The Silk Road, where did it start, where did it go?

What is the Great Wall of China’s purpose?

Confucius- who was he, what did he write, what did he believe in—

       5 relationships: Emperor/Subject, Father/Son, Brother/Brother, Friend/Friend, Husband/Wife

Laozi- what belief system did he start? What did he think was important?

Legalism- YIKES! What was it about?

Wu di and the Civil Service Exam System… how could a man change his destiny?

India Indus River   (Writing was Sanskrit)

Mohenjo Daro and Harappa why was this city area so amazing!

What is a “Monsoon”?

The Indo -__________________formed the Hindu religion and social system

Hindu sacred texts are the V__________________

Caste System: Brahmans = Priests, Kshatriyas = Warriors, Vaishya’s = Merchant class, Sudra- labor, -- “Untouchables”

Who was the Mauryan Empire leader?

What was the Gupta Empire all about… why was it “GOLDEN”?  

Who was Siddhartha and what “MAJOR WORLD RELIGION” did he form?

What does “Buddha” mean?                                

What are the Four Noble Truths?

How did Prince Asoka help the spread of Buddhism?

What is “Reincarnation”?

Random thoughts

The Olmec’s the Founders of Civilization in Meso-America: trade, farming and they carved giant WHAT!?

The Hebrew’s history and sacred text is called the ____________________

In Ancient Africa a migratory group of people called the ________________ shared their culture and language.

What is a “City-state”?                                                                          

What is an “Empire”?

Hammurabi is notable for his code of laws, these were the first ____________________________________

What are the terms for the “Change from hunting gathering to farming and raising animals”? the

N___________________________ R____________________________

Monarchs given their positions by god- this is called the Divine R______________ of K_________________

2017 2018 Syllabus for world History AND Hon Am Govt  

Please see the "FIles" section for an electronic copy of the syllabus for both World History and HOnors American Government.

Thank you!  M Martin 8/19/2017

2017-2018 Regular World History Online Textbook  


August 18, 2017

World History Online textbook. 

This resource can be used if you have forgotten to take you textbook home. 

Please note this is a different edition from the one we use in class. 

That being said, the page numbers may not match with the assigned

page numbers in class. (Some pages will match and some are off by

up to ten pages...)  You will need to scan the online textbook for

the content or topic that you need.  This will be important if the

assignment directs you to answer questions or look at a map on

a specific page.

Online- World History Textbook with Powerpoints  

This is the "Honors world History Textbook", but the information is very similar to the regular World History Textbook. 

The good thing about this site, is that is has the same Power-Points that a I use in class- with some slight modifications.  So in a pinch, this site is a good resource to read, look at maps, charts, vocabulary and content; along with viewing Powerpoints that you might have missed or want to review for a quiz or test.

8/23 World History Text-online Plus Power Point!!

2016 Online Textbook for Regular World History  


January 7th, 2016

Regular WORLD HISTORY Online Textbook – no codes

Announcement Image for 2016 Online Textbook for Regular World History