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Dr. Douglas Rizer-Principal

Deneen Trask-Parent Representative 2016-2018

Laura Hodges-Parent Representative 2016-2018

Andrea Griner-Parent Representative 2017-2019

Kim Wendler-Business/Parent Representative  2016-2018

Skip Malcolm-Business/Parent Representative  2017-2019

Randi Collier-Teacher Representative

Patricia Clevenger-Teacher Representative

Lauren Hillstrom-Teacher Representative

Meeting Schedule for 2016-2017:
(Meetings are held in the Media Center at 7 am
unless otherwise noted)

September 28th in Front Office
Conference Room #1


School Council Elections

  School Council Parent/Guardian Elections

  School Council By-Laws and Code of Ethics

School Council Minutes 

September 28, 2017

School Council Meeting Agendas

September 28, 2017