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Nicole Stone Staff Photo

Mrs. Stone graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor's degree in English and a minor in Secondary education.  She has also received her gifted certification and has completed the AP certification classes to enable her to be able to teach AP Literature.


Mrs. Stone started teaching in Wisconsin at the Wisconsin Career Academy where she taught 6th grade English, 7th grade English, 8th grade English, poetry, creative writing, journalism, American literature, and world iterature.  In 2010, Mrs. Stone left Wisconsin and moved to Georgia with her then 3rd grade daughter and family.  Once she moved to Georgia, she received an offer to teach at Wilkinson County High School where she has been for the last five years.  At Wilkinson County, she taught American literature, advanced and regular 9th grade literature, multicultural literature, 10th grade English, and writing for the Graduation Test. 


Mrs. Stone started out her career as a Paralegal in a multi-million dollar law firm in Minnesota where she worked on various bankruptcy and criminal cases.  Sometime during her career in the law field she decided that she wanted to start teaching and went back to school to get her teaching degree.  Mrs. Stone has been teaching since 2007 and believes that teaching is her calling.  

Mrs. Stone has a 13-year old daughter and a 5-month old son that keep her busy and on her toes.  In addition to her children, Mrs. Stone has two dogs one named Zoey and one named Louey.  Mrs. Stone spends most of her time going to cheerleading competitions because her daughter is an all star cheerleader for Precision South Gymnastics Academy and also cheers for Bonaire Middle School.  

Mrs. Stone enjoys traveling to new places that she has never been before and hopes to someday go to Europe where she can visit Ireland where her family is originally from.  Mrs. Stone enjoys playing volleyball, reading, and spending time playing games with her family.