Rizer, Douglas Principal
Chambers, Herbert Assistant Principal
Hayes, Karma Assistant Principal/CTAE Supervisor
Jones, Jay Assistant Principal
Keenom, Alyson Assistant Principal for Instruction
Moore, Melanie Assistant Principal

Allen, Jared Social Studies Teacher
Allums, Belinda Interrelated Teacher, Tenth Grade Literature and British Literature
Averett, Allison Special Education Teacher
Baker, Kaitlin Science Teacher
Boudreaux, Katherine Social Studies Teacher
Bowers, Jennifer French Teacher
Brett, Jason English Teacher
Brock, James Math Teacher
Brown, Jessica Speech Language Pathologist
Brown, Shayna Marketing Education Teacher
Burnette, Lisa Special Education Teacher
Byrd, Kelsey Science Teacher
Byrd, Laura Science Teacher
Cavanaugh, Kenneth Social Studies Teacher
Chafin, Casey Houston County High
Clements, Curt Counselor
Clevenger, Patricia Math Teacher
Cole, Dani English Teacher
Collier, Randi Science Teacher
Collins, McKinley Science Teacher
Coogle, Courtney Interrelated Math Teacher
Cormack, Caroline English Teacher
Cowart, Susan English Teacher
Crawford, Angela Physical Education Teacher
Crawford, Ryan Athletic Director
Crites, Sean Houston County High
Cumpton, Lyndsay Science Teacher
Daniel, Rebekah Assistant Director of Bands
Davis, Jay Director of Bands
Davis, Melanie English Teacher
Devoursney, Eric Special Education Teacher
Elderkin, Tara Math Teacher
Feehan, Brian Social Studies Teacher
Fischer, Mary Math Teacher
Fitzgerald, John Science Teacher
Gallagher, Amy Spanish Teacher
Gravely, Stephen Mathematics/Special Education Teacher
Green, Donna Counselor
Gutshall, Jenny Science Teacher
Hammerle, Terri Math Teacher
Hampton , Kelsea Interrelated Teacher
Haney, Ana Spanish Teacher
Harrelson, Chris Social Studies
Hayes, Karma Assistant Principal/CTAE Supervisor
Hillstrom, Lauren English Teacher/Yearbook Advisor
Hopkins, Matt Social Studies/World History
Hudson, Don Science Teacher
Huelsman, Sandra Physical Education Teacher
Hunt, Melisa ESOL Teacher
Hutchens, Marla Math Teacher
Jackson, Aileen Engineering & Technology Teacher
Jackson, Jenny Business & Computer Science Teacher
Jackson, Judy AFJROTC Instructor
Jackson, Katrina Science Teacher
Jaimes, Deborah Spanish Teacher
Jenrette, Don Social Studies Teacher
Jessup, Gina Business & Computer Science Teacher
Jones, Devin Special Education Teacher
Jones, Melissa Counselor
Jones, Sheila Business and Computer Science Teacher
Justen, Stephanie Autism/Special Education Teacher
King, Megan Spanish Teacher
King, Nada High School Math Teacher
Lamb, William Health/PE
Larramore, Linda English Teacher
Layfield, Steven Social Studies Teacher
Lee, Renee Special Education Teacher
Leslie, Daryl Math Teacher
Lieberman, September Media Specialist
Maddox, Mary Special Education Teacher
Martin, Maureen Social Studies Teacher
Martin, Patricia Special Education Teacher
McDaniel, Jennifer Social Studies Teacher
McFadden, Shonda Famly and Consumer Science Teacher
McLean, Stacy Science Teacher
Morris, Dennis Physical Education Teacher
Munn, Aaron Graphics Teacher
Newman, Renetha Special Education Teacher
Nguyen, Lauren Social Studies Teacher
Peters, Trish Houston County High
Raines, Tara Science Teacher
Rawlins, Trinidy Special Education Teacher
Russell, Crystal English Teacher
Sandoval, Lori English Teacher
Sarazine, Lori Counselor
Staines, Rebecca English Department Chair
Stewart, Jamie Math Teacher
Stone, Nicole English/Teacher
Strickland, Tammy Math Teacher
Taylor, Brett Theatre Director
Thomas, Laurie Special Education Teacher
Thomas, Ronald Agriculture Teacher
Thompson, Joni Math Teacher
Tillman, Brandee Math Teacher
Tolleson, Brittany Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher
Turner, Philip AFJROTC Teacher
Walls, Stephen Health Teacher
Williams, Shirl Computer Science Teacher
Wright, Elizabeth English Teacher
Wyatt, Katherine Art Teacher

Benda, Suzanne Paraprofessional
Chaloult, Wendy Counselor's Secretary
Chandler, Kim Administrative Technology Specialist
Clary, Delette Attendance Clerk
Cook, Melody ASL Interpreter
Cooper, Lakesia Paraprofessional
Cumbie, Scott Technology Services
Daniel, Jan Media Clerk
Davis, Lee SID/PID Paraprofessional
Gilbert, Betty Paraprofessional
Green, Lucy Interpreter
Guenthner, Wendy Paraprofessional
Harrell, Maria School Nutrition Manager
Jones, Jerome Paraprofessional
Kratz, Debra Secretary
Lowe, Qshantee Paraprofessional
Maddox, Jason Paraprofessional
Powell, Arden Receptionist
Raines, Sharon Sign Language Interpreter
Richardson, Lisa Paraprofessional
Rodgers, Brenda Paraprofessional
Smith, Laura Paraprofessional
Speir, Lisa Houston County High
Thorn, Patricia Bookkeeper
Walker, Amelia Med Tech